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What is Social Media Strategy?

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Connecting and building relationships with engaging content is key on social media. This is true for organic posts and paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and more.

Whether your goals are to build brand awareness and grow your reach, position your brand as an authority (by creating or joining relevant conversations) or improve customer service or a combination, having a clear social media strategy will bring real focus.

How Social Media Works

Adding value with content that your audiences want to read and share is essential - rather than purely broadcasting.

A consistent tone of voice will support your branding while a regular posting frequency is popular with the algorithms.


Having a clear content schedule helps to keep your posting on track and can include relevant hashtags to help grow your followers and join appropriate conversations.

And it’s important to keep an eye on which content and which formats are resonating, and glean real insight from what your audiences are saying about you and your competitors. Video is undoubtedly taking the lead but are there other formats that could give your brand a boost?

Benefits of Social Media

  • Build awareness, relationships and communities that keep you front of mind by being where your audiences are, with content they value at a time they're most likely to engage.

  • Drive traffic to your website quickly and at low cost.

  • Humanise your brand. 

  • Gain valuable insight into brand sentiment and your market which helps inform future activity.

  • Improve customer service by sharing useful information and responding to enquiries quickly.

  • Engage with influencers who align with your brand and join relevant conversations.

Paid Social

  • Paid advertising on social media can be a fast, cost effective targeted way to boost your reach and acquire new contacts.

  • Retarget your warmer leads who have previously engaged with your brand online. This maybe display advertising on Facebook, an inmail campaign on Linkedin and much more.

How We Work With You

We'll audit your social media to ensure you do more of what’s working well and address any gaps.


We can put together a content schedule giving you an organic forward plan while still allowing for spontaneous timely posts. And if you wish, we can manage the day-to-day running of your platforms, writing and creating engaging content in a range of formats including infographics and video while monitoring results and user generated content.


For paid advertising, we create targeted audiences, develop eye catching creative in a range of formats, and closely monitor campaigns to maximise ROAS.   

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