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What is Content Strategy?

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A content strategy ensures every piece of content has a clear purpose. All content should align with the organisation's objectives and deliver real value to your audience using relevant formats and platforms. 

Compelling content convinces and converts your audiences into customers. It builds brand awareness at the top of the sales funnel, boosts your ranking on search engines (Google loves fresh relevant content and keywords), and generates new leads, as well as building communities and business advocates.

Customers expect more than product and service listings; they want answers to their questions and insight into a brand’s values. It avoids content for contents sake and focuses your efforts where it matters most.

How Content Strategy Works

When you know what your audience values and their challenges, you can clearly demonstrate your solution. You know what story you’re trying to tell and why, and your content strategy helps define how.


Having a user first focus will ensure you keep their motivation and purchase stage in mind, so your content is always useful to them.


And it will help you select the best format – it might be a blog, video, white paper, infographic, podcast, image, user-generated content, case study, email, webpage or an article. For example a blog might help build brand awareness and drive traffic to your website, while a case study may influence buyers at the consideration stage. Research shows B2B customers need to see 3-5 pieces of content before talking to sales.


All content should have a goal – it may be:

  • Functional – perhaps answering a customer service question

  • Entertaining – humorous to create a positive feel or thought leadership to build trust and credibility

  • Essential – prices, open hours, product range

Benefits of Content Marketing & Development

  • Content is key for driving inbound traffic and leads to your website.

  • Done well, it can boost your ranking on search engines and support PPC.

  • Content development helps position your brand and build trust.

  • It will inform your social media strategy and help convert targets into customers and customers into advocates.

How We Work With You

We’ll want to understand your objectives, audiences, what they value and how you help. We’ll audit your content and competition and work with you to develop a content strategy so you have timely, focused content to support your goals.

We can develop the content too, copywriting for blogs, webpages, eye catching emails, case studies and more. And we can help monitor your content performance which may include time on webpages, bounce rate, social engagement, downloads to name a few - all of which helps inform future activity.

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