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What is Email Marketing?

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Widely considered one of the most cost effective digital marketing tools, email marketing enables a business to keep in touch with their opted in audiences with relevant product or service information that engages, sells or nurtures.

How Email Marketing Works

As the effectiveness of digital retargeting campaigns has already dropped by an estimated 30% following the privacy policy revolution, the move to “first party data”  continues to be a top priority for every business.   


Opted in” contacts who subscribe to receive your newsletters/e-book/guidance/case study/business updates etc become critical assets to your business and need careful nurturing to support their transformation from leads to loyal customers and advocates. 


Understanding what your audiences value and need is key. Considered and persuasive messaging must provide audiences with value while reassuring them their commitment to your products and services is well placed.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Speed - once you have your messaging, it’s quick and easy to launch (or schedule) and to gain results

  • Cost effective - if you already have the opted in data and the email platform, it’s just a matter of segmenting your audiences and generating your messaging and campaign style. 

  • Results - it’s guaranteed to reach your target audience(s) and is easily measurable from in platform insights

  • Trackable - you can see (and retarget) who has opened or clicked your emails and can even split test to see what resonates and what doesn’t.

  • Automation - you can get clever and automate campaigns to give subsequent tailored messaging depending on the actions that your audience takes from your first email or just plan ahead and schedule various emails to launch at a specified day rather than when you have time.

  • Personalisation - you can easily personalise your messaging, increasing the chances of engagement. 

  • Sharable - if your audience like what you are sending they’ll share!

  • Driving traffic to your website - depending on your call to action, engaged audiences might visit or spend longer on your website increasing the chance of engagement with your brand.

How We Work With You

We’ll work with you to understand your goals, target audiences, key messages & timescales and translate into a best practice email marketing campaign with associated creative as required. 

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