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What is Copywriting?

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Effective copywriting aligns business objectives with audience intent to engage your customers on a variety of platforms with compelling messaging using appropriate brand voice, language and style. 

How Copywriting Works

For Web:

Search engines are constantly looking for specific keywords, phrases or questions on your websites and blogs to support your ranking authority and position. Your website visitors have very short attention spans and want to be engaged, reassured and inspired by your products and services quickly, and in a tone that resonates with them and is authentic to your brand.


For Social Media:

To grow your social media followers - again - it’s all about what you say, how you say it and the frequency and format combination you are seen in their feed. Constant selling is a turn off, but a balance of entertaining, informing and awareness content provides a platform that is more likely to grow loyalty and engagement keeping your business front of mind.


For Print: The same rules apply regarding concise, to the point copy with clear messaging and calls to action in the appropriate brand voice, language and style. 

Benefits of Effective Copywriting

Effective copy concisely informs and engages your target audiences, whether existing customers or potential leads, to support brand loyalty ultimately leading to business growth and a loyal customer community.

How We Work With You

In addition to writing web pages, blogs, social media posts & email campaigns - we also write case studies, press releases, flyers and more.


To write effective content for our clients we work together to create a brief that includes:


  1. What format needs writing (web pages, social posts, blog, case study etc)  

  2. For who - understanding your audience personas and their attributes, pain points, wants and needs.

  3. Timescales - deadlines

  4. Objectives (to inform, educate, entertain etc)

  5. Key messages

  6. Calls to action - call/email/download/buy etc.

  7. Background - ethos, products, services & goals; advantages over the competition; awards & certifications

  8. Key Competitors & their strengths & weaknesses

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