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8 Tips to Writing a Great Press Release

Does your business have something buzzworthy or remarkable to tout? Don't just post on socials - amplify further by sharing with local, national, trade or other specialist press. It can help ensure you are staying relevant and being heard in all the right places.

Here's our top eight tips to writing a great press release:

  1. Make sure your headline is short, sharp and punchy - attention grabbing press releases get read and published.

  2. Get your facts straight - you want to capture the who, what, where, why, when and how in about 300-400 words. This can be tricky, but people disengage if it’s too long.

  3. Include the experts - make sure you use vibrant, funny, or interesting facts quoted by your experts. This could be your key spokesperson, but also consider executives, long-standing employees or customers.

  4. Think beyond the written word - if you have remarkable or dramatic images, sound bytes and video do include it. Almost all journalists will have an online presence and will be looking for additional media.

  5. Get your standard information in there too - Include the date and company location under your headline. You’ll also want a company boilerplate, or background information, at the bottom. Think of your “About Us” section of your website, condensed to two or three sentences; this is an ideal boilerplate.

  6. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s - Make sure you double check your facts, get approval from relevant stakeholders and re-read it (and then re-read it again!).

  7. Include your contact information. You want to make it as easy as possible for journalists to get in touch so at a minimum include phone number and email, but also social media handles if your accounts are regularly utilised.

  8. Don’t be timid, follow up - If you don’t hear from journalists it’s perfectly acceptable to reach out to them a day or two after your press release goes out.

Like most professionals, journalists are busy people, and they welcome well-written press releases, as it makes their job much easier. For further support writing your press releases and boiler plates, building targeted distribution lists, or generally strengthening your media relations get in touch with us!

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